About us

Museo Real Estate is a Florida startup founded with the intention to combine technology, design, and real estate.

We are a powerhouse for agents, investors, buyers, sellers, and renters.

Our team of experts, and trusted partners, combined with technology allows us to provide data-driven decisions when making real estate decisions.

Your Real Estate Team

A team of experts that work together to reach your Florida real estate goals.

Elizabeth Mendoza

Real Estate Broker

10 years of experience within the real estate industry. Multi-facet background having worked in operations, marketing, software design, private equity, developments, hospitality, senior living, green energy solutions, construction, and property management. Speaks English and Spanish.

Valerie Raphael

Real Estate Advisor

10 years of experience with real estate. Also a member of the Florida bar practicing in the areas of real estate, immigration, probate, estate planning, and personal injury. Leads the acquisition process by vetting potential properties. Renter, buyer, or seller's agent. Speaks English, Spanish, French, and Creole.

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